As a paperless law firm it's excellent to see other sectors and industries embracing the need to move with the times and go paperless. Nowhere is this more important than in our healthcare system. We have all been in that situation with a healthcare provider where you are asked questions about previous healthcare issues that might be relevant and you just can't remember. We have all also heard the stories about sensitive patient data being found in skips outside hospitals. This can all be avoided. 

The benefits of going paperless are immeasurable once it's done properly. Imagine being able to go to any healthcare professional in the country for advice and they can just pull up your records and treat you quickly and consistently. No more trying to remember when you had your tonsils out or what kind of antibiotics you are allergic to. Treatment information can be shared quickly between various health professionals to deliver targeted and fast treatment solutions to patients. Wearable medical devices could transmit real time data to healthcare professionals reviewing and monitoring patient electronic data. 

This progress is really welcome. The proposal will of course require serious consideration around data protection, data security and patient consent but with the right principles in place from the start these issues can be overcome. 

eHealth Ireland has been tasked with developing the Electronic Health Record for the HSE and they are seeking stakeholder input on the issues it raises. This means they need you! They have also created a great little video to showcase the plans, progress and input required. It is recommended viewing. Here's the link

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