David Gyori writing in the Irish Tech News predicts that  one of the 10 Fintech Megatrends for 2016 will be Regulators "waking up" to P2P and Crowdfunding.

The Irish Regulator - taking its lead from the European Commission - notified consumers in 2014 that Crowdfunding is not a regulated activity, and recognizing that such regulation could impede the rise of Crowdfunding and P2P Platforms, hasn't introduced any such regulation- yet.

That said, the Regulators are keeping an eye on this space- with the EU Commission recently stating that it dosent intend to introduce legislation- but rather will focus on awareness campaigns with investors and consumers and encouraging best practice.

Its interesting that the new Governor of the Irish Central Bank in a recent address stated that: 

"On the subject of cyber risk, we are seeing a material increase in the frequency, sophistication and severity of cyber-attacks on financial sector firms. This will be an important area of focus for us over the coming period. As highlighted by Deputy Governor Cyril Roux in a speech in September, we expect financial firms to be addressing this risk clearly and effectively. In particular, cyber risk is a matter for the board and senior management, not only for the IT division. You can expect to hear more from us on this topic during 2016."

Cyber-risk and Cyber-security is therefore one area where we may see regulatory creep in the Crowdfunding Sector.

Watch this Space.