All the graphs are leading upwards in construction activity. That is despite dysfunctional finance and a desert of specialist talent. Subcontractors were the specialist talent but having borne the brunt of the last bust, ruined they left our shores for a fairer and more prosperous way of doing business. Welcomed in open arms by the UK, Canada, Australia and the US, subbies realised that you don't have to get screwed to work with building contractors. That's because the legal framework and the industry culture wasn't built around gombeenism. A subcontractor could expect justice over a payment dispute, albeit rough justice which resulted in a rapid determination of a claim. Not a 2 year legal labirinth like arbitration here in Ireland. Let's hope that adjudication can deliver what was intended - rapid determination of payment disputes to avoid subcontractors going out of business to prop up cash strapped contractors. More to follow in this space once the Construction Contracts Act is commenced.