In an interesting recent article published in GEN Ireland, Deloitte's David Dalton points out that only 3% to 10% of VC investment into Start-Up's has been into Fintech companies, and that is largely down to a lack of Fintech expertise in the VC community.

Ireland needs to remedy this situation- and fast.

Sonny Singh- CEO of BitPay predicts that international VC firms will start recruiting in-house Fintech expertise and that 2016 will be "another record year for VC investing in Fintech".

There's clearly a disconnect here between whats happening on the Emerald Isle and the rest of the world.

Lets be real here- Fintech innovators are developing the nervous system linking every consumer in the world to every financial institution and product/service supplier in the world- Fintech is that important.

Ireland needs  Fintech and this train is leaving the Station.