The January 31st deadline has passed and we still don't have certainty on what will replace safe harbour. This is a particularly big issue for Ireland with the majority of major internet companies headquartered in the country. Could Schrems have put a serious global spanner in the technology works? The knock on effects of a failure to agree could be catastrophic for all sorts of businesses. Every company is so reliant on tech and cloud computing with data being hosted across the world.  The major hurdle in reaching agreement is the large divide between EU and US approaches to privacy. The EU is moving towards further protection for individuals while the US wants to be able to share more personal data between organisations. This is all further contextualised by the US current case against Microsoft in Ireland. In this case the US Dept. Of Justice is seeking to compel Microsoft Ireland to release emails in respect of a US investigation. A decision on this case is due to be handed down soon and could further complicate matters. It is expected that the European data protection authorities will present a plan on safe harbour on 3 February. Watch this space!