Interesting article by Adrian Weckler in yesterdays Irish Independent pointing out the chronic need for "Fresh Powder" in the Irish Seed Capital space.

Worryingly, when you analyse the figures produced by the Irish Venture Capital Association, it appears that effectively only €22 M was invested in Irish Fintech  in 2014 to 2015. 

This is simply not enough. 

The IVCA Chairpersons stark announcement that "Existing Seed funds have run out of money" needs to be addressed by the new government as a matter of urgency.

The Irish Government cannot, on the one hand, identify Fintech as a cornerstone of its "Financial Strategy 2020" job creation program whilst at the same time failing to fund the individuals and companies which are needed to create those jobs.

Lets see some joined up thinking here- the old adage " you need to speculate to accumulate" comes to mind.