Future Crimes by Marc Goodman provides lots of scary statistics and is a terrifying reminder as to why we need to really consider our technology and risk assess it before implementation. Technology is moving at such a pace that our rules and regulations and our everyday understanding of it just can't keep up. Don't blindly apply technology without a risk assessment. There's no point having the latest technology if your business bank accounts can be emptied in seconds. The most important new roles in our organisations will be our information security officers and our data protection officers. The book is not all Orwellian statistics though and the author offers up some simple but effective risk reducing tips:

  • Update regularly
  • Use sophisticated and different passwords
  • Know where you are downloading from
  • Watch your administrator settings
  • Turn off your computer when not using it
  • Encrypt
  • Think before you share

These are simple actions that we should apply to both our personal and business lives when using technology. We also need to ensure our employees are aware of these risks and take appropriate precautions. In business our employees can be the source of our biggest cyber risks.