Would zoning more land in Dublin and its surrounding areas solve the scarcity of housing and start house building at a rate that would actually meet the demand requirements in the region? While this is a question best posed and answered by the economists and politicians, here are a few points you need to know if you are considering  submitting a zoning or a rezoning application to a local authority.

Firstly, most county development plans are under review and submissions are being sought through local authorities formal submission processes. 

Secondly, you will need to consider your position as a lobbyist if you are approaching a local authority for the purposes of zoning development land. Making submissions as part of the public consultation process is not considered lobbying however approaching a designated public official about rezoning or zoning outside of the formal consultation process may be considered lobbying. Communications with a designated public official about a planning application which may affect or alter the local authority's development policy may be considered lobbying. If you are considering any of these matters, you will need to register as a lobbyist under the 2015 Act.