A potentially significant ruling for businesses employing persons with work permits was handed down by the Court of Appeal last week.  New permits are generally only approved where the job falls into an eligible category (as deemed by the Minister) and has a minimum salary of €30,000. 

The Court held that there was a potential conflict regarding two specific provisions of the Employment Permits Act 2006.  Minimum levels of remuneration can only be specified in regulations made by the Minister. The refusal of the permit was on the basis that it was inconsistent with current government economic policy. The Minister did not have the power (without specific regulations) to refuse the permit on the basis of the remuneration level. 

This means we could well see more formalised regulations being brought in to the area of work permits in Ireland. For more information on current work permit types and requirements click on the link to our checklist http://leman.ie/work-permits-checklist/