We've been watching and waiting for development technology to kick into gear here in Ireland.  Many of our clients are now looking at Leed Gold and Platinum standards in their office developments and efficiency and tech awareness is all the rage.  

Great to see Irelands smartest building being launched.  These new technologies will present challenges to how leases are constructed and how buildings are going to be managed over the coming years.  Who will be responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of the tech each year?  Who will monitor the performance?  Who runs the super computer? What will the warranty cover be like and who gets it?  Some great drafting challenges ahead!

Smart buildings will be talent magnets for recruiters and let's hope we see some creative and exciting leadership from our planners and local authorities as the cranes come back into the landscape.  Most development plans are under review at the moment and this will present a great opportunity for planners and councillors to set leading edge standards for new Irish buildings.  Let's not waste the (once in every 5 year) opportunity.