Tom Parlon rightly predicts that the construction industry will be plagued by a skills shortage. If it's not there already. Contracting in the post bust cycle appears to be pricing and project management as opposed to actual construction. All that good stuff is now subcontracted or sub sub contracted. The problem for some contractors is that no subbies want to work for them. Pretty much because of the way they are treated. Delayed payment, non payment and years of arbitration is the diet they have had to feed on. You get a sense that the balance of power is tilting in a small way back to the small guy. A few reasons : 1. The skills shortage means that subcontractors can now expect better treatment because if not they walk and there's actually no one to replace them because everyone else is being well paid in the UK, Canada or Australia. 2. Fast track adjudication for payment claims now means a payment dispute can be resolved in a month as opposed to a year or more. And about time!