We have a housing crisis in Ireland and the causes and potential solutions are well documented.  The hangover from the crash continues and the funding vacuum caused by the financial crisis is creating opportunities for new entrants.  We have development clients borrowing from the US, UK, Hong Kong and Latvia.  Long gone are the days when it was a choice of 3 banks or nothing.  Whilst the security documentation from the international lenders can be "challenging" (to put it mildly) they are putting important but very expensive capital on the table.

Time to get creative.  We have recently worked on a new investor platform for a residential development in Dublin created by Cantor Fitzgerald. An exciting model for their clients to fund a new project. We are also watching the space for new technology platforms to allow retail investors get involved too.  This article is very interesting.  Give it a year and we'll be crowdfunding for our clients.  Exciting times with great technical legal challenges to get our teeth into.