Alleluia mate! The Aussies have shown the world and every doubting Thomas conveyancer that lawyers can transact property without printing off a shred of paper. That's if they are given the IT infrastructure to do so. The Australian government created PEXA, their national electronic conveyancing initiative.  In Ireland, land of the pampered  civil servant we have a different initiative called  'kick the can down the road so nobody has to make a hard decision or take on the civil service'.  As long as I have been a solicitor (16 years) I've heard e-conveyancing bandied about.  Obviously these things don't happen at lightening speed but a snails pace would have got us over the e-conveyancing line by now.  Leman Solicitors has operated a paperless office for the last three years.  Our efforts of an idyllic paper-free work environment are continually thwarted by the civil service - namely the Property Registration Authority and the Courts Service.  Then again that's a lot of pampered pensions on the line.