Drones are set to become yet another new tech tool for our construction clients over the coming months and years.  Whilst regulators are grappling with how to manage the sudden arrival of thousands of new "pilots" into the airspace, one Irish company is already commercialising real estate with drones in a very interesting way.  

Plotbox are surveying large cemetaries to help identify where space is underutilised and can be monetised.  The birds eye view gives a completely new perspective and opens unknown opportunities on dormant land.  Playing this forward we can see how land owners will be able to get detailed mapping and land use surveys done of large holdings for planning and presentations.  Cherrywood? Liffey Valley? Blanchardstown?  Coming soon to a sky near you.

These new technologies will always present legal and regulatory challenges - privacy, pollution, security concerns will be high on the regulators agenda.  Ireland has an opportunity to lead here.  Let's see what happens next.