Dublin is open for Financial Services business and it has been for more than a quarter of a century. 

Firms located in Ireland provide Financial Services to every major economy in the world. International banks, investment managers, insurers, aircraft leasing operators and an array of other financial firms employ over 35,000 people here.

What's so good about Dublin and Ireland?

  • #1 for the availability of skilled people
  • #2 for financial skills
  • 12.5% corporate tax rate
  • 4th largest exporter of Financial Services in EU
  • Home to 14 of top 15 aviation leasing companies
  • 50% of airlines are owned or leased here
  • #1 location for alternative investment funds
  • $3.2 trillion under management
  • Fastest growing advanced economy in the world
  • Economy grew X5 Eurozone average in 2015
  • 7th of 61 countries for competitiveness 
  • Most actuaries per capita in the world
  • Global leader in dynamic currency conversion

In addition you won't find slot machines in our pubs (where the beer is drinkable). Admittedly if you want to drive a fancy car then you had better bring it with you when you come because they're fierce expensive over here. But everything else is for half nothing by comparison with London. Sure you'd be mad to stay there! Get ahead of the rush and come on over and we'll even teach you how to play football!

When you've settled in Leman Solicitors will help you with all of your financial services legal and regulatory needs.