We all know that prevention is better than cure in construction disputes.  So why don't we work harder to avoid disputes arising at all?  Its like a strict diet - at the heart of it is discipline.  Here's RIC's  top ten to avoiding the larceny of litigation: - 

1. Good management - planning and managing future work and raising concerns early on;

2. Clear contract documentation - ridicule ambiguity as it is the cornerstone of every dispute;

3. Partnering - build cooperation between project participants;

4. Good project management - of time, money and risk, proactively;

5. Good client management - understanding client objectives and approach and having good lines of communication;

6. Good constructor management - having an objective understanding of the project, dealing with delay constructively;

7. Good design team management - specification changes notified promptly and clearly;

8. Good payment practice - once payment is agreed, provide valuation promptly and pay promptly;

9. Record keeping - no one wins when nothing is written down and filed.

10.Regular reporting and pro-activity - constant communication is key.