I could not let this week pass without commenting on the newest gaming craze which has become an instant global hit. It would of course be remiss of me as a lawyer to accept this new craze without at least looking for a legal flaw. In this instance data privacy is the culprit.  Users should be wary of the potential for hackers to entice you to download a “modified” version of the game and also the general privacy of your data. What access have you actually given to your personal space in an attempt to find Charmander?

According to reports, millions of people who downloaded the game to their iPhones over the past week gave access to large amounts of user data to the game’s developer. The app could see the contents of Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Google Calendar. According to the game's developer, this glitch has now been rectified.

Parents should also be questioning their children's online profile. 

  • Do you actually know what data the game collects?
  • Whom it shares that data with?
  • How it handles the issue of parental consent when children are playing?

While you are capturing digital creatures- what are they capturing about you?