Today, the 25th of July 2016 marks the first day that Adjudication will be the automatic form of dispute resolution for any payment claims made under a construction contract, whether written or oral and no matter what dispute resolution provisions it may contain.

Why all the fuss? In one word - speed.  From start to finish  the Adjudication process takes 28 days.  Before Adjudication, subcontractors had to undertake mediation, then conciliation and then arbitration, which all took over 2 years from start to finish.  In speed terms its like moving from a horse to a Ferrari.

For the first time, the pendulum is swinging in favour of subcontractors under construction contracts.  Make no mistake this is a very significant day for the construction industry, which up to this point,  indulged in unstateable Defences and dubious morals under the protection of contracts which universally endorsed long drawn out dispute resolution provisions.  Good for contractors, terrible for subcontractors' cashflow.  Now visa versa.