Flexible work seems to be all the rage these days.  Full disclosure - I'm an example, I work a three day week, so that I can continue doing what I love both in the working world and at home (in the latter, most of the time!!). Other employers (esp in the start-up arena) may not have full-time roles, or want to reduce their property spend so they adapt their working environment/model accordingly. However, this can sometimes add to their obligations from the perspective of having to ensure a safe place/safe systems of work, and monitoring working hours, to name but a couple of issues.  This is an extract from a paper which I presented for the Health and Safety Review annual conference last May - I look at atypical work places, work environments, dual employment and how all of this might impact an employer's obligations. Overall, I think that provided that it's planned and organised properly, employers stand to gain from allowing flexible work by attracting an engaged and happier employee population.