Dublin is hosting a conference on Urban Futures next week and this article gives a flavour of what will be on the agenda.  

Our development clients are looking at new trends and the challenge of technology redundancy is an ongoing one.   What is super cool this year may be completely outdated next.  We are advising on asset management issues for shopping centres where new signage plans and technology are posing new and interesting questions.  Who gets to use the rolling signs?  How are the leases drafted?  Have the tenants been given hard commitments on what they can or can't do?  Branding, visibility and technology are key considerations now in the fight for customers.   

In Dublin we have the opportunity to embrace new development and technology platforms.  Our new owners (many of whom have come from abroad) are going to demand new and edgy technological solutions.  As advisors we need to make sure our legal documents are drafted with one eye on the future.