Cillian Willis is suing Sale Sharks for negligence in how it handled his concussion injuries, which eventually forced him to retire at the age of 28.  The trend in Rugby Union is that players are getting younger,  bigger and stronger. Some tackles carry greater collision force than car crashes.  There is little doubt in my mind that professional rugby is headed in to the medical quagmire that now grips the NFL in the US.   Globally the US and its professional players are two decades ahead of our professional rugby game.   But the similarities in head injuries are similar.  Their history of brain trauma/concussion related litigation is vast compared to the global rugby game.   Those US lawsuits and the associated experts will undoubtedly influence lawyers and Courts over here.  The lawsuits have begun and will only continue.   The reality is that if the top brass and their medical advisers knew of the risks of brain trauma/concussion to players but did little or nothing to minimise such risks then they will be named in proceedings.  Similarly if best medical practice in recognising and treating brain trauma/concussion was not followed by school, club, country, referee, coach or medical assistant then they are also in the line of fire.  The modern game of rugby is in for deep introspection.