This article give a fascinating insight into how rapid urbanisation can have serious side effects.  As Dublin reaches for the sky in the new Capital Docks development by Kennedy Wilson, we are seeing increased calls for high rise development in Dublin.  In recent weeks our own clients have suffered planning reverses for developments with just 6 or 8 storeys.  The planning authority in the city centre is not for turning on this issue it seems.

As our developer clients re-mobilise after a lost decade of non-development it is disappointing to see that planning policies have not moved on and modernised.  Adding in a few bike spaces here and there and forcing developers to draw them on plans is not enough.  We need a minister for planning and development with an overall brief to help encourage sustainable modern development.  With a lot of undeveloped space still sitting idle (the docklands, the glass bottle site) there is a great opportunity to take advantage of international experience and make Ireland a leader in the field.   Let's get international designers and consultants involved - the opportunity might not come along again for a while.