The post Brexit vote calm before the storm may be drawing to a close.

Best information suggests that the English P.M. will pull the Trigger early in 2017- and that may be the starting gun for the thousands of financial services firms currently regulated in England but trading across the EU, to come out of the traps and make real moves to relocate to another financial services hub in the EU.

Advisory and professional service firms such as Leman, and indeed the Irish Central Bank itself, have all seen an uptick in "Brexit Relocation" queries from those London based firms, and their incumbent advisers- but in reality those queries can, to date, be described as a trickle and not a torrent.

It's worth noting that the current timeline for obtaining a MiFID authorization from the Central Bank is between 3 and 6 months- and that timeline is based upon current application volumes and resources.

Its also worth noting that Dublin does present talent, office space and related logistical challenges for firms considering setting up shop here.

If London firms are indeed going to relocate to Dublin they need to factor in the above timeline and resource challenges.