I've been told the headlines to my blogs can be too cryptic. So this one isn't. It's boring: but not cryptic. And for many businesses their obligations in respect of cyber security are often both cryptic and boring. But the potential penalties for making mistakes will grab any CEO's immediate attention.

The Irish Independent has produced a succinct and helpful checklist for businesses. Leman Consulting is working with small businesses to help them not just to answer the questions on cyber security posed by the Irish Independent here but to implement effective solutions. 

Data Management and Cyber Security is a distinct offering within the range of Leman Consulting services. Reliable data is the cornerstone of success. But is your data managed properly, improving profitability and reducing risk? Is it unmanaged incurring unquantifiable costs in terms of operational losses and potential regulatory penalties? Is your data secure? Good businesses must be able to demonstrate to their customers an ability to operate secure digital systems. 

Over the years Leman Solicitors have been fortunate. We have advised many business leaders on solving problems and handling crises. This has given us valuable insights. We have seen how the best businesses operate well. And crucially how they can be improved. Leman Consulting was established so we could make those insights available to all our clients.

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