"The biggest risk for any organisation, whether it's government or commercial, is the person behind the laptop". A recent article quoting Security Software company Malwarebytes highlights the need for vigilance in every organisation.  With public sector attacks on the rise, not only do you need to ensure that your own data is secure, but also that relating to any submission you make to a public body for and on behalf of your clients. Traditional espionage has now migrated to cyber-crime in the form of hacking. We are warned of the dangers of purpose-hired hacking which are niche attacks on certain types of data that you might hold.

Now is the time to take action- have you audited your organisation in terms of system vulnerabilities? Have you carried out a data map of all of the personal data you hold to see exactly where and to whom it is being disseminated? Have you encrypted your organisation's hardware? Have you a disaster recovery plan in place? Where vendors have access to your company’s data, do you ensure those vendors are accessing it through a secure network and have suitable malware protection in place?

Who accesses your data? Only give employees access to the data they require to carry out their specific job on a “need to know” basis. 

Information is golden- any breach will affect your reputation and clients' confidence in your business. Is that a risk you can afford to take?