Wooden skyscrapers seem to be the future with plans announced for London’s first timber tower in the Barbican housing estate. There is no doubt that the advantages of timber construction are compelling – flexible and sustainable material, lightweight and cost efficient. It is also much faster to build with which will mean delivery of completed projects well ahead of more traditional builds. That speed might well be even faster with the prospect of robot builders.

With a known shortage in sub-contractors perhaps robot builders are the way of the future. Adopting robotics could unlock the key to increased productivity and reduce build costs especially in multi-family and office blocks.  Seeing as fast track delivery plans for up to 30,000 homes in Irish urban centres has been announced as part of the Rebuilding Ireland housing plan, maybe its time to consider how to introduce the use of robotics to the construction industry in a way that compliments the industry, reduces costs, speeds up the process and obviously keep the human touch. That said one would have to figure out what letters of appointment and collateral warranties  you can get from a robot! That is something the team at Leman solicitors can figure out for you.