In the last few months there has been a lot of talk about raising rents in the prime shopping  locations of Dublin in particular Dundrum Shopping Centre and in around Grafton Street.  Retailers have had to take on the challenge of paying even higher rents to secure premium locations to showcase their products.  With the increase  in internet shopping, especially with the weaken pound,  it has been increasingly important for retailers to make physical shopping an enjoyable experience. 

The good news for tenants are there are some interesting schemes being constructed in and around Grafton Street.  This will provide variety and quality for potential new players.   There has been some rumours that  following BREXIT that some UK retailers had been re-considering their plans in Ireland, especially those yet to enter the Irish market.  However, some five months on since the referendum trade has very much continued as it always has.  With the premium quality new builds close to Grafton Street,  we can expect to see some interesting new offerings entering the Dublin market.