In the recent Tobias McFadden v Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, case (Sept 2016) the European Court of Justice (Europe's highest Court) held (based upon defendant being a “information society service” provider under the “Electronic Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC)) - that the operator of a shop, hotel or bar who offers the public free access to an internet network is not liable for damages flowing from the infringement carried out by a user of that internet connection.

The Court held that operators could be injuncted to cease the infringement by having to secure the connection by password-protection and also obtaining the identity of the users prior to providing the password to the user. 

However, operators will not be required to terminate the internet connection, nor monitor all communications passing through the network provided by the provider via the internet connection as part of any injunction.

As reported by Fortune :

"The ruling was well-timed, given the European Commission’s Wednesday announcement that it wanted to see free Wi-Fi extended across Europe."  and

The ruling " is really a mixed ruling as far as hotspot operators like McFadden are concerned".