FDI companies created 18,627 new jobs in Ireland in 2016 bringing the total Irish jobs in FDI companies to 199,877, or just under 10% of all jobs in Ireland. A large number of these jobs are in tech. Highlights for 2016 included Oracle announcing plans for 450 new jobs, First Data for 300 jobs, Hubspot for 320 jobs and Amazon for 500 jobs.

Now more than ever Ireland is the destination for tech companies expanding into Europe and expanding existing operations within Europe. For companies deciding to make the move to Ireland in 2017, the next step is to get advice on:

- tax

- setting up an Irish entity

- leasing office space

- visas for non EU employees, and

- Irish employment contracts and employee benefits.

The starting point is finding a law firm (they call them solicitors' firms over here) to advise you in these areas and/or point you in the right direction. Tax advice is typically provided by accounting firms, and a good law firm should be able to refer you to accounting firms in a variety of price brackets. {Likewise a good accounting firm should have relationships with a variety of law firms.)

If you are looking for advice on expanding your business to Ireland, you can contact me at jzell@leman.ie or +353 1 639 3000.