Finding interesting, up to date and genuinely innovative building technology news can be difficult.  With the drive to LEED and obsession with energy ratings, sometimes it can be hard for users of buildings to connect with how design "makes a difference" for them.  You might see it in the utility bills and a gong or two for the architects, but visualising new building tech can be hard when a lot of the innovation is buried in the fabrics of the buildings we use.  

This article showcases some of the cooler building technologies out there.  How about a dancefloor that generates its own energy from the dancing bodies flailing about with all of their killer moves. Yes indeed - it is happening.  Surely it is only a matter of time before this kind of tech starts running our pathways and our roads?  It's indoor for now but there are no limits.  International agendas aside, the trend towards cool green technology in the built environment is relentless.  Hopefully our own Government can take some bold steps this year.  We were first with the bag tax, first with the smoking ban, (one of) the first with city bikes.  Let's lead again...a challenge to our lawmakers