The speed of innovation in construction and development technology is increasing every year.  With Elon Musk just launching the new Tesla battery factory it can only be a year or two before we see battery operated homes coming to Ireland.  

The speed of development of modular building technology has been very impressive in recent years.  We have clients developing modular nursing homes and complete housing developments.  Delivery of a completed house in just 3 months.  This will be a step change in development planning and completions over coming months and years.  Expect to see it dealt with in planning conditions soon.

Yet another step (which might take a little longer to happen) is 3D printed homes.   This article details plans to produce a 3D printed treehouse - and showcases technology that could see 3D printed modular houses coming soon.

From a housing crisis will we see an opportunity to take a lead on new housing technology in Ireland?