Yet another announcement from a global behemoth declaring itself committed to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.  Nothing new here.   In this article reported by the Irish Times and international press, it is notable that the  consequence of American bank, JP Morgan Chase's  commitment to AI is the redundancy of banking lawyers in mundane document or contract review work.  They say 360,000 hours of lawyers billable work goes up in a puff of smoke because AI replaces lawyers reviewing banking documents.  A headline  to make any middle class professional quake in their boots.   AI definitely has a role to play in the mass review of standard contracts. The days of lawyers who carry out repetitive contract analysis in any law firm in any part of the world are numbered - no question.  AI is here to stay and will only get more powerful.  Thankfully the crystal ball for AI has swung from industrial revolution-esque carnage for professionals to a measured view that AI will assist professional doing non mundane work.  Lots of forward thinking companies want to use AI but either cannot translate it into practical efficiencies on a day to day basis in the workplace or cannot afford to do so.  For now AI appears to require a marriage of scale and repetition. Leman Solicitors are using AI in the collation of documents for Court and continue to invest in usable AI to make the delivery of our services more efficient.