It was only a matter of time.  A house 3D printed in 24 hours.  We've all been following the progress of new development technology over recent months.  Factory builds, lego development styles, solar roofing panels have all entered the arena with varying degrees of success and take up.  Now the Russians have now beaten everyone to the punch by printing a liveable house in just 24 hours.  Considering we have seen such delays in modular housing delivery here in Ireland it may be a game-changer like this that finally helps us make a quantum leap.  

As lawyers these new technologies present great and varied challenges.  Who provides the warranty?  What happens if there are defects? Can you get a robot repair?  Will Homebond give us their 10 yr guarantee?!  The first 3D printed home will be here in Ireland in the next five years.  Deposits payable in bitcoin maybe?