Leman Solicitors has always been ahead of the curve in the legal industry in adopting and adapting to legal technologies that delivers efficiency and enhances the client experience.  That sounds hot and avant garde but does this legal software make a whit of difference?  Yes but not seismically is the straight answer.

Lawyers in Ireland need to think outside the straight jacket of what they think a lawyer should be and instead concentrate on what makes their client's business more competitive.  This is the concept of 'Proactive Law'.  The movement started in Scandinavia in the late 1990's.  Its based on partnering with clients to prevent legal spend rather than indulging in legal spend, resulting in clients having a genuine competitive advantage over their peers. Turkeys voting for Christmas.  Sure if you are narrow minded and fear change.  But think bigger picture.  You ask a lawyer to defend a claim or draft a contract, they can do it in their sleep. You ask a lawyer in this country to prevent a claim from happening in the first place or draft legal infrastructure to allow the client to draft a 'smart' contract incorporating blockchain and they will run a mile.  

Leman Consulting, a legal consultancy has been engaged by blue chip clients to conduct legal audits, deliver efficiencies through business process management and legal technology software and training.  

If you are interesting in attending Ireland's 3rd 'Future of Law and Legal Technology Forum' hosted by Leman Consulting with an international line up of legal futurists, scientists and project managers at the Aviva Stadium on Thursday 30 November then contact Gráinne Jolley by email to gjolley@leman.ie