Every time there's a step forward in technology, the law tends to be, well, a little bit behind. 

When tape recorders (Google it kids) were first released, it lead to a raft of cases which argued that the sole purpose for having a tape recorder was to facilitate copright infringement.

Ditto Video Recorders.

When MP3 Players came on the scene, and people ripped their music from their CDs onto them (again, Google it kids), that caused all sorts of legal wrangling about whether you had a right to make this "personal backup".

Ditto...well, any technology that enables/facilitates copyright infringement. 

In an ever changing faced paced world, it's always interesting to see how the law tries to keep pace with (or dare we say it, get ahead of) technology.

In Ireland, the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 is now 17 years old (obviously) and the  Copyright and Related Rights (Innovation) (Amendment) Bill 2015 is, well, still a Bill.

Come on Ireland, keep up.