If you've ever called a 'Digger' a JCB or a 'Vacuum Cleaner' a Hoover then you (yes you) are part of Genericide.

No, I'm not making the word up, that's what intellectual property and trademark lawyers (me, mostly) call it when a Trademark and brand loses it's legal protection because the term has become generic for the brand.

And Velcro are afraid it's about to happen to them. 

So they have gone to fairly extraordinary lengths to try and convince you not to call all sticky "hook and loop" type devices Velcro.

Check out the video on the link below. Catchy.

It's tongue in cheek, but there's a serious point. If you have a wildly successful brand, you may need to consider inserting terms and conditions into your terms of service specifying how your trademarks are to be used. For example, Google encourages you not to use Google as a verb e.g. "I Googled it". It's true, Google it (see what I did there?).