Formula 1 is getting a new logo. Apparently, it's being revealed this weekend.

There's lots of speculation about what it's going to be after trademark applications for three logos appeared in the EU Intellectual Property Office.

These are the options, as filed with the EUIPO:

Of Course, there's only going to be one. 

This one:

And here's how I know:

  1. Of the three logos that were applied for in the EU Intellectual Property Office, only one of them has been filed for priority in another jurisdiction. A trademark for the above logo was filed in Andorra (not just for skiing you know) on 25 October 2017. The other two weren't filed for priority anywhere else. They are decoy/dummy applications; and 
  2.  Only this logo has been applied for elsewhere. So far, I've found applications for it in the US, Indonesia and Malaysia - None of the other options have been applied for anywhere. In short, forget the other ones.

One more thing. If I was a betting man (I'm not) I would say there's a chance that the actual logo won't have the word 'Formula 1' in it. As in, the logo is:

Firstly, if you look at the applications in Indonesia above, the logo with 'Formula 1' hasn't been applied for at all.

In Malaysia and the United States, there has been significantly more applications for the logo without the 'Formula 1' than with it (24-16 in the US, 33% more without than with).

So, all eyes on the season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend!