Any prudent car owner gets their car regularly serviced. Why?

To prevent it breaking down. 

Spend small to save big. 

The same should apply to companies. Why is it that companies tend to only think of lawyers when things go wrong ?  

Speaking at yesterday’s Leman Future of Law event at the Aviva Stadium, Larry Fenelon of Leman Consulting encouraged companies to be like car owners. i.e. conduct regular legal audits (services) to ensure everything is running smoothly. It's about identifying proactive preventative measures required.

It makes sense. But what is a legal audit ?

A legal audit addresses area's such as governance structures, employment contracts, SLA’s, GDPR and so on…

How does a legal audit work ?

  1. Initial GAP analysis conducted by online interview
  2. Legal overview and observation of how everything is running
  3. Project proposal
  4. Wrap up
  5. Delivering efficiencies and management of risk

It’s the future of law.