You had me at "MAGNETIC BEETLE".

Korean Electronics giant Samsung have applied for EU and US trademarks for  "Samsung Magbee" with the strapline "Magnetic Beetle, A Sleek Wireless Dial Wheel".....riiiiiiiiiite.

Here is is in all its glory.

The application is filed for "Wireless audio speakers; soundbars." in Class 9 under the Nice Classification for Trademarks.

Samsung have also just applied for the Magbee logo (the beetle) on its own:

Interestingly, this logo (without any text etc.) is a much broader application, and has been applied for in respect of the following goods under Class 9:

Wireless audio and video receivers; Audio speakers; Audio electronic apparatus, namely, surround sound system, loud speakers, tuners, audio mixers, equalizers, digital audio players; Audio data processors, namely, surround processors; Soundbar speakers; Home theater projectors; DVD players; Audio amplifiers; Video projector.

If you haven't already sent your letter to Santa, stick the Samsung Magbee down for the craic. If you haven't already applied for a trademark for your brand, send me an email (also for the craic).