Corruption in amateur boxing is nothing new.

We knew Michael Conlon was robbed by crooked judges in Rio 2016.

We knew the result was fixed.

We now know the Irish coach was in fact told it was fixed by his Russian counterpart, before Conlon had stepped into the ring ! This is all in a 3-page report from Irish boxing team manager, Joe Hennigan.

We don’t know much about the ensuing investigation - other than the near certainty that its findings will be anodyne. 

AIBA Report

The AIBA (International Boxing Association) are due to report to the IOC by April 30th under threat of expulsion from future games. 

Who was behind the report and what questions were asked? 

  • Who wields actual power in the AIBA ?
  • Was the "money-trail" followed?
  • Was there evidence of trans-national collusion and/ or bribery?

In 2015, an in-depth FBI investigation into corruption in FIFA resulted in 14 people being indicted.

It shouldn’t take intervention from the FBI to expose corruption in sport.