For us here in Leman Solicitors this report is more than a good news story about one of Ireland's most successful businesses in Ireland's hugely successful food industry. It's the concepts behind the success that motivates us to do the same in our own profession.

The first key concept is innovation, and for Ornua CEO Kevin Lane, that was key to unlocking new routes to market and value for its members. 

In the legal profession Leman has been driving innovation since we started: a paperless work environment leading to obvious efficiency; online access for our clients to their files providing complete transparency; and offering fixed fees for all work including complex litigation. 

For us innovating in a well-meaning but hide-bound, traditional and conservative profession brings challenges and great opportunity. Our challenges primarily relate to changing mindsets that are sometimes rigidly stuck to outdated methodology. Of course those very same mindsets present the greatest opportunity!

The second key concept behind Ornua's success now and in the future is risk management and dealing effectively with market volatility. Central components of this are a clear Brexit strategy and taking certain trading and derivatives functions inhouse. You know you're big when you're trading your own derivatives. (And having acted for clients in more than a few complex derivatives disputes, we can understand why Ornua has done this!)

When we see the importance placed on risk mitigation by our biggest and best we know we're doing the right thing with Leman Consulting. We established Leman Consulting so we could give our clients the benefit of our experience in dealing with problems to help them identify risks and mitigate them.

The watchwords then are 'innovation' and 'risk'. 




; and consulting with our clients