In case you're wondering, it was one-hit-wonder Ski Lo who coined the phrase "Hey You, What's That Sound? Everybody look what's going down". Take a trip down memory lane with the video at the bottom of this post!

What's Going Down?

In this case, what's 'going down' is sound trademarks. 

Until last year, it was a requirement that in order to be registered as a trademark the 'mark' had to be capable of being represented graphically. If, for example, you wanted to trademark a sound, it had to be capable of musical notation. Like so:

That's the Nokia Ringtone.....I think.

Anyway, last year, the requirement of 'graphic representation' was abolished (in the EU at least) opening the door to all sorts of weird and wonderful trademark possibilities.

Yesterday for example, somebody applied for THIS NOISE (click to have a listen) - Can you tell what it is?*

What about THIS ONE?

Finally, what's THIS?

There's only been 19 trademark applications filed with the EUIPO for sound trademarks since the new rules came into effect. Of those 19, so far only 4 have been granted, including this one from LIDL (Listen Here).

Sound Good To You?

Smells, holograms, motion events, all now capable of trademark protection. What a time to be alive.

Has your business got any trademark sounds? Maybe now is the time to create one. 


Sound 1 - A Zippo Lighter

Sound 2 - The Sony Sound (apparently)

Sound 3 - A Piaggio Scooter (although this specific sound mark is applied for for electrical scooters)