On a sunny day, its best to be outdoors.

However, is there planning permission for that outdoor area?

Dublin City Council recently issued legal proceedings against a large pub located in the city centre following an abundance of noise complaints from local residents and businesses.

The premises had recently carried out a significant revamp, costing an estimate of €2 – 4 million. The revamp included the installation of open areas including a rooftop smoking area and an opening glass roof.  

After the expensive works were completed, the pub applied for retention planning permission from Dublin City Council. The application was refused.

Dublin City Council subsequently served an enforcement notice on the premises and ultimately legal proceedings were issued.

Planning Permission for licensed premises

The planning code and liquor licensing laws are two separate things – however, each has a significant impact on the other.

A licensing court will consider planning permission compliance in granting a liquor licence.

A premises which is proposed to be licensed as a bar/club/restaurant, or a previously licensed premises which is to be expanded or converted, must have the appropriate planning permissions in place. Any such changes to a licensed/unlicensed premises ought to be set out clearly in the planning application to ensure that adequate permissions are obtained. Furthermore, obtaining the correct planning permission from the outset will make any subsequent licensing application for the premises less vulnerable to objectors.