Panic over OR the calm before the “GDPR Enforcement Storm” ?

Possibly both..... !  

What we do know is that progressive organisations continue to use this as a period of opportunity.

An opportunity to now implement a GDPR Policy that makes their organisation more efficient and promotes accountability.  

That means:

  1. A system to automate, delete or shred all those unwanted paper documents, forms and records;
  2. A system that puts yourself in your customers (or members) shoes and asks, what do I want to know and how do I want to be told about it?
  3. A system to address any subject access requests;
  4. A system that re-evaluates how sensitive data is treated; 
  5. Continuous education for staff;
  6. Continuous monitoring at Board level.

Yes, the 25th May panic is over.

Yes, the Data Protection Commissioner is still monitoring compliance with GDPR.

Yes, you can possible duck and run for cover for the next few months. 

But the progressive organisations will continue to use GDPR as an opportunity to reflect and improve their systems.

You should too.