Automation is all around us. Back in 2011, Gartner predicted that 85% of customer engagement would be fielded without human intervention. In 2018, Bots are now commonplace across the internet. From fashion Bots, prescribing your next purchase, finance Bots providing trading tips and travel Bots planning your next holiday. There are many business use cases for Bots and other forms of automation being promoted in the areas of Operations, HR and in the provision of Legal Services.

Why Automate?

It is a known fact that people are less productive when given a recurring job or task. We get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Businesses should look to identify repetitive tasks and look for a means to automate these tasks. Automation doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Even though automation can be applied to many areas of your business, keep in mind that automation shouldn’t negatively affect the customer experience, automation should enhance it.  

What to Automate?

Managing contracts is complicated and time-consuming. Getting them right is critical. Ensuring they are proactively monitored and managed is a struggle for many businesses. A contract management solution ensures that contracts are assembled, with the correct approval safeguards in place while also existing in a searchable and secure digital format. 

Contract management technology automates the contract process, from initial request, through assembly, approval, and signature capture. Once generated, the contract is managed proactively through its’ lifecycle. Minimising risk and increasing efficiency. 

Everyday documents, such as proposals, can be automated in the same fashion. The ability for users to generate documents from a pre-approved template library ensures consistency of communication and alignment with brand guidelines while removing the formatting ‘grunt work’ commonplace in many organisations.  For many businesses, the benefits accruing from document and contract automation are simply impossible to ignore. What's stopping you?