2 Matches cancelled, another in doubt.

Why not simply reschedule the games to Monday ?

Tournament Rules

RWC has a list of “Tournament Rules” governing how the RWC 2019 is run. These rules cover what happens when matches are Delayed, Postponed, Abandoned or Cancelled. (there is a difference between all).

RWC organisers must adhere to the rules.

There are different rules for pool games and knock out games.

Pool Games

Where a pool Match cannot be commenced on the day in which it is scheduled, it shall not be postponed to the following day, and shall be considered as cancelled. In such situations, the result shall be declared a draw.

Knock Out Games

Where a knock-out Match cannot commence within the two days following the scheduled Match day (or such longer period as specified by RWCL) or is abandoned prior to half-time and cannot be postponed and rescheduled within this period, it shall be considered as cancelled.

There are clearly good logistical reasons for needing pool games to be completed on the scheduled day. However, when you organise a tournament in the middle of typhoon season, you must have contingency plans.  

If the rules had allowed pool games to be postponed (in the same way as knock out games), the cancelled games could possibly have taken place a day later.

Hagbis is typhoon No 19 of 2019 in Japan. 

Bizarrely, the Rules don’t appear to provide for contingency plans.