Many companies are worried about governance in the current climate. Sports organisations are no different.

Why ?

In most cases their Constitution/Rules do not provide for a “virtual” or “remote” means of  operating. There are particular concerns around AGMs and EGMs.

But the show must go on.

The GAA recognise this. 

Tomorrow they will hold a remote special congress (an “EGM” equivalent). There is one item of business on the agenda - to appoint a Management Committee to take decisions in the governance vacuum.

That is sensible. 

  • It simplifies the remote EGM by having just one motion;
  • It recognises that important decisions need to be made
  • It recognises that responsibility needs to be delegated.

Even if the Constitution is silent (which is not ideal), Section 176(4) of the Companies Act allows AGMs or EGMs to “ be held in two or more venues at the same time using any technology that provides members, as a whole, with a reasonable opportunity to participate”.  This can be interpreted as providing for virtual or remote AGMs or EGM's provided reasonable measures are implemented. 

5 Tips:

  1. Identify what key governance decisions need to be taken 
  2. Identify if an AGM / EGM is required (AGM’s must be held within 15 months of the previous AGM);
  3. Simplify any remote meetings;
  4. Communicate any proposals with your members in advance;
  5. Amend your Constitution to explicitly provide for online meetings.