We hope you are well and enjoying the nice weather we've been having! It has been good to see some local businesses reopening, and some joy for swimmers and golfers alike! We have a jam packed newsletter to share with you today full of articles that may be helpful to your business, including a new Health & Safety update for employers. 

How will you plan your return to work? Can you make your business stand out and what do you need to do that? We'd love to hear how your plans are going if you'd like to share them with us, we will keep you informed about our return to Percy Place over the coming weeks. 

We have a host of articles below from our solicitors across the business in Litigation, Property, Employment, and Sports Law which we hope you will enjoy. 

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Bláthnaid EvansHealth & Safety Tips for Employers Returning from Lockdown   Check out our useful tips for employers from a health & safety perspective on returning to the workplace. Health and safety is key, and needs to be on the forefront on all employers mind to ensure the safety of their staff, as well as any... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Brian Conroy - Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste (TM)   Coronavirus (TM) You've probably heard the expression "Never let a good crisis go to waste" (or something similar) since the Coronavirus crisis started, right? It's actually usually mis-attributed or misquoted (usually to Churchill)...but that's... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Morgan Crowe Return to Sport – The Legal Risk   Finally. Back to sport -  Phase 1. NGB’s, clubs and organisations have produced road-maps and measures. It’s about reducing the risk. The health risk is that somebody might contract COVID-19 in the sporting arena. There is also a legal risk.... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Sarah Keenan - Top tips for tenants with upcoming break options   Covid-19 has significantly impacted the business and trade of many commercial tenants across the country and has resulted in Landlords receiving requests for rent abatements, deferrals, and in some cases, even surrenders. Unlike in the U.K., the... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Larry FenelonNursing Homes Tribunal of Inquiry - increasingly looking inevitable   1. There have been 840 Covid related deaths in our nursing homes to date. Over half of all Covid related deaths in Ireland. It’s fair to say that somebody somewhere has left our elderly, our most vulnerable in society, over exposed to this deadly... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Karl O'BrienCovid-19: Post Lockdown Leases   Covid-19 has had an unprecedented impact for commercial landlords and tenants alike. Many retail and office lease deals have been put on ice over the past two months as occupiers adopt a “wait and see” approach. As we begin Phase 1 of the easing... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Sheila Spokes - Guidance for Employers implementing a redundancy selection process in the wake of Covid-19   Covid-19 has and will continue to force dramatic change in the workplace. Given the number of employees currently working from home, certain employers are in the process of considering restructuring the operation of its business to increase... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

Morgan Crowe -  It’s a question of fault, not suspicion   The media frenzy around James Cronin’s 1 month doping ban is a sign of the times. In normal times, it would be minor news. One can only empathise with him. Gerry Thornley’s latest article in Tuesday’s Irish Times raises some interesting points,... Read more   Share via: LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook |

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