The EU Crowdfunding Regulation is due to take effect from 10 November 2021. I've previously summarised the regulation here. As it is a regulation, rather than a directive, it will take effect directly in member states, subject to certain steps that the local supervising regulator needs to take in order to accept applications for authorisation and supervise marketing. 

Currently, the Central Bank of Ireland is consulting on the national marketing requirements that will apply to crowdfunding marketing communications in Ireland

The CBI's proposals are neatly summarised in the short paper, but broadly involve applying certain advertising requirements in the Central Bank’s Consumer Protection Code 2012 ("Code"), including a specific warning in long and short form. The measures will be applied by way of an addendum to the Code, which is annexed to the consultation paper. Closing date for comments on the proposals is 13 July 2021. 

If you have plans in this area, please get in touch.